NEWS: Launches Analysis Section is pleased to announce the launch of its new Analysis section.

While has always provided access to pre-calculated climate variables and indices, sometimes there is a need for climate information that is slightly different, such as degree days calculated using a different threshold temperature from those provided. To meet these needs, we have developed this Analyze Climate Data Page. From here, you can set your own thresholds for defining wet days, freeze-thaw cycles, cooling and heating degree days, calculate the number of days above or below specific temperatures, as well as define heatwave thresholds specific to your location. In addition, you may also select from a variety of options to control the number of climate models you wish to consider, the RCP, the area and the time frame (through the use of start and end dates) of interest. Once these selections have been made, the data will be processed and you will be notified by email when it is available.

To view the new analysis section, click here.