June CCCS Update

Updates from your Canadian Centre for Climate Services

The Canadian Centre for Climate Services (CCCS) is a dedicated multi-disciplinary team with expertise across a broad range of climate-related disciplines. We work with partners and stakeholders to support the implementation of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. We help Canadians understand, and become more resilient to climate change by:

  • delivering climate services driven by user needs
  • providing access to climate information
  • building local capacity
  • offering training and support

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News and Resources

The British Columbia chapter of the Regional Perspective Report series has been released.

  • The chapter examines how climate change will continue to impact forestry, hydrology, agriculture and communities in British Columbia. It also highlights the need to continue to develop a climate change adaptation and resilience strategy and the importance of partnership and collaboration with Indigenous communities.
  • New! The Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC) has released the Design Value Explorer DVE tool. The analysis tool allows users to access historical climate design variables across Canada in either map or table form and examine projected future change in design variables.
  • The winter 2021-2022 Climate Trends and Variations Bulletin (CTVB) has been released.  The CTVB describes how the annual and seasonal temperature and precipitation conditions differ from the mean (30-year average of 1961-1990).
  • The World Meteorological Organization released the State of the Global Climate 2021. The annual report provides a summary on climate indicators including: global mean surface temperature, greenhouse gas concentration, precipitation, ocean heat, sea level rise, sea ice, and extreme events. The report also includes a section on risks and impacts which focuses on food security, humanitarian displacement, and ecosystems.
  • The National Adaptation Symposium was held on May 16. The online event showcased adaptation efforts across Canada and brought together provincial and territorial representatives, indigenous leaders, private sector leaders and was open to the public. The symposium was accompanied by the launch of a 3-month public consultation period on the National Adaptation Strategy. The general public is encouraged to submit their ideas and comments on the National Adaptation Strategy through an interactive online portal.

Fun Finds!

Climate Action Tracker: The Climate Action Tracker is an independent scientific analysis produced by two research organisations with the intent to monitor the progress towards the globally agreed aim of holding warming well below 2°C, and pursuing efforts to limit warming to 1.5°C.

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