May CCCS Update

Updates from your Canadian Centre for Climate Services

The Canadian Centre for Climate Services (CCCS) is a dedicated multi-disciplinary team with expertise across a broad range of climate-related disciplines. We work with partners and stakeholders to support the implementation of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. We help Canadians understand, and become more resilient to climate change by:

  • delivering climate services driven by user needs
  • providing access to climate information
  • building local capacity
  • offering training and support

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News & Resources

  • The IPCC has just published the third part of the Sixth Assessment Report, Climate Change 2022: Mitigation of Climate Change (Working Group III contribution).
  • Public Service Data Challenge. NRCan in partnership with StatCan and the Global Government Forum launched the Public Service Data Challenge. This challenge aims to seeking idea from public servant on how the government improve the use of its data. Even if you do not have any idea, you can still participate by joining an interdisciplinary, cross-departmental team.  The winning team will be chosen by a panel of judges from various government department and will be provided the resources and support to implement their idea.

This report from Climate Access is based on Canadian public opinion collected from surveys from 2021-2022. The purpose of the study was to identify attitude that encourage or hinder public demand for climate action and focuses on efficacy and extreme weather.

  • Extreme Heat: Protecting Canadian and Communities from a Lethal Future. This guide from the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo outlines measures Canadians can implement to reduce risks related to extreme heat.  Each of the recommended measures are categorized into: a changing behaviour action (non-structural), working with nature (green infrastructure), and improving buildings and public infrastructure (grey infrastructure).

Fun Finds!

En-ROADS: is an online simulation tool that allows users to explore how changes in energy, land use, agriculture, and other policies will affect Earth’s projected temperature. Users can control various policy actions to see the projected impact on  emissions, and global temperature.

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