September CCCS Update

Updates from the Canadian Centre for Climate Services

The Canadian Centre for Climate Services (CCCS) is a dedicated multi-disciplinary team with expertise across a broad range of climate-related disciplines. We work with partners and stakeholders to support the implementation of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change. We help Canadians understand, and become more resilient to climate change by:

  • delivering climate services driven by user needs
  • providing access to climate information
  • building local capacity
  • offering training and support

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Recent Publication

Congratulations to ECCC colleagues Emilia Diaconescu, Housseyni Sankare, Kenneth Chow, Trevor Murdock, and Alex Cannon for their recent publication A short note on the use of daily climate data to calculate Humidex heat‐stress indices.

News and Resources

New! New feature on

Users can now choose to “Draw a Custom Region” on the download page Download page.

This feature allows users to download multiple grid cells at once by drawing a box on the download map. Users also have three output options: CSV, JSON and netCDF.

New! New reports in the Canada’s Changing Climate Report The Québec and Ontario  chapters of the Regional Perspective Report series have been released.

    • The Québec chapter examines health risks associated with climate change, the risk to Indigenous Peoples and their environment, climate hazards, the impact on various sectors and the role of ecosystems in adaptation.
    • The Ontario chapter examines infrastructure vulnerability, adaptation measure and approaches for biodiversity and ecosystems, threats and opportunities for agriculture system, and the worsening of health inequities by climate change.

Carbon Brief has released the fifth iteration of the Attribution Map (Attributing extreme weather to climate change). This interactive map allows users to explore 504 extreme weather events and their associated attribution studies. Users can select a specific type of weather event to look at, or highlight extreme events from a particular year.

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