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Spatial Analogues

Spatial analogues are locations (in this case, cities) where one or more descriptor of climate is similar to that projected for another location in the future. In other words, they are locations that are currently experiencing one or more of the climatic conditions that we would expect our target location to experience in the future. Climatic conditions are defined by one or more climate indices. Spatial analogues can help us conceptualize what the future climate might look like in a city or region by directing us to places that are already experiencing similar conditions. By examining the measures that are being used at the spatial analogues’ locations to cope with current conditions, target cities can gain insights on how to prepare for and adapt to climate change.

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Fire Weather Projections

The Fire Weather Projections for Canada application presents information on future projections (long-term, 30-year averages) of hot, dry, and windy “fire weather” conditions under a changing climate. High fire weather is associated with increased wildfire danger in Canada. Wildfire activity has increased in Canada in past decades, and recent extreme wildfire seasons can be directly linked to ongoing climate change. The data presented in this app comes from the “CanLEAD-FWI” dataset of future fire weather projections developed by Environment and Climate Change Canada.

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