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Variable data can be measured directly in the field (e.g. at a weather station) or calculated by climate models. Accessible here are the CMIP5 climate model datasets which have been downscaled and bias-adjusted using the BCCAQv2 method. To download the percentile values for any, or all, of the climate variables and indices available on, select Annual, Monthly or Seasonal frequencies. Percentile values are also available for Total Precipitation for the April to September period. To download the daily downscaled data for minimum and maximum temperature and precipitation for each of the 24 climate models in the CMIP5 ensemble, select Daily frequency.


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Station Data is historical daily observed weather station data from the Meteorological Service of Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada.  Download data by selecting stations from the drop-down list, or click one of the clusters on the map below to see which stations are available for download in that area. Click on one, or multiple stations, to select for download.

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For more information regarding the daily data: Technical documentation: Daily Data

For further technical details: Technical Documentation Digital Archive of Canadian Climatological Data


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Hourly data for some stations and variables can be found on the Government of Canada Historical Climate Data website.
More station data from British Columbia can be found on the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium website.

Intensity Duration Frequency (IDF) curves relate short-duration rainfall intensity with its frequency of occurrence. Access Historical IDF curves produced by Environment and Climate Change Canada either by selecting the station from the drop-down list or by clicking on one of the points on the map below.


Adjusted and Homogenized Canadian Climate Data (AHCCD) consists of weather station datasets (temperature and precipitation only) and has been developed by Environment and Climate Change Canada for use in climate research, including climate change studies. The station records in AHCCD have been adjusted using statistical techniques to detect and remove discrepancies in long-term data records caused by non-climatic factors (e.g., changes in instrumentation, observing procedures, and weather station location or site exposure). Longer time series were sometimes created by combining data from nearby stations. Click on one of the clusters below to download AHCCD available for that region.

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The data provided here is daily data. Monthly, Annual and Seasonal data are available via the CCCS Climate Data Extraction Tool

For more information regarding AHCCD Temperature: AHCCD Temperature Documentation

For more information regarding AHCCD Precipitation: AHCCD Precipitation Documentation

For a list of temperature stations: Temperature Station List

For a list of precipitation stations: Precipitation Station list






Select at least one station to download data.